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Whether you want brilliant writing, professional voice over, top quality video scripts and production or an entertaining speaker, Mike Vance is the guy for you. Mike is uniquely qualified to bring life and laughter to your business videos, presentations, publications and events. He can provide turn-key production through his company, Dos Dogs Creative. You might have heard him on the radio, read about his Texas history work in the newspaper or seen him as host/producer on either Sports Off Center or Postcards from Texas, two regional TV series based out of Houston, Texas.

Ever the charitable type, when there's work in it, Mike founded a non-profit organization to produce educational and historical films, videos and books. Please check that out when you're done here. You find them at Houston Arts & Media. he is the author of multiple books, several of which may be purchased by emailing Mike.

Mike has been creative for money for over thirty years. Shucks, since he left college, he's never had a "real" job, unless you count getting paid to play around on TV and the radio. Now, you wouldn't want to break that streak by not hiring him, would you? Mike can do all sorts of things for you in the most fun and professional manner. So make yourself at home and browse around the site to learn more.

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